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Teacher Collaboration Information

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Aug. 28th: Summer Institute [PD]
Sept. 17-18th: BYU RPP Summit [PD]**
Oct. 6th: PLC Consult [PLC]*
Oct. 20th: Reflection & Artifacts [Survey]*
Nov. 3rd: PLC Consult [PLC]*
Nov. 17th: Reflection & Artifacts [Survey]*
Dec. 1st: PLC Consult [PLC]*
Dec. 15th: Reflection & Artifacts [Survey]*
Jan. 12th: PLC Consult [PLC]*
Jan 26th: Reflection & Artifacts [Survey]*
Feb. 9th: PLC Consult [PLC]*
Feb. 23rd: Reflection & Artifacts [Survey]*
Mar. 4-6th: AACTE Conf. in New Orleans [PD]** 

* during school hours

** optional activity, substitute provided

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