5.2: The Equal Rights Amendment on Twitter and Other Social Media

The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) continues to be a sharply contested constitutional topic. An Associated Press/NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll in 2020 found that 3 in 4 Americans support the amendment, but that support has not translated into making the ERA part of the Constitution.

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Meanwhile, proponents and opponents make extensive use of the media, particularly social media, to build support for their side of the issue.

In these activities, you will explore how the ERA is being discussed on social media and then you will design a social media campaign to convince politicians to vote for the passage of the ERA.

Activity 1: Evaluate how the ERA is Discussed on Twitter

Designing for Learning: Student-Created Activity Example

Evaluate how the ERA is Discussed on Twitter by Emily Kenyon

Activity 2: Design a Social Media Campaign for the ERA

A manager of a pro-ERA group has come to you asking for your help with designing a social media campaign to convince political leaders to vote for the inclusion of the ERA in the Constitution. 

Bonus Activity: Rewrite a Hollywood Script

Additional Resources

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Building Democracy for All: Alice Paul and the History of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)

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