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Freedom of the Press and News/Media Literacy

The activities in this section explore the news and the role of the Press and press freedom in 21st century United States democracy. There is also a critical media literacy digital choice board about the freedom of the press in a democratic system of government.

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The News is everything of importance that happens when we are not physically present to see it for ourselves. The Press is a broad term, referring to the people (reporters, photographers, commentators, editorial writers and behind-the-scenes workers in media organizations) that bring us the news. It is known as the Fourth Estate, or the Fourth Branch of government in our democracy, because it reports openly and fairly on what is happening in the community, the nation, and the world.

Some researchers are now referring to social media as the Fifth Estate (Educators Meet the Fifth Estate: Social Media in EducationElementary School Journal Special Issue, 2021).

Freedom of the Press is essential to the existence of democratic government. Journalists must be able to report the news openly and honestly and people must be able to access truthful information from online sources, social media, and print materials.

The media literacy activities in this section explore press freedom in the United States, objectivity in news reporting, the roles of reporters and investigative journalists, and how news-related photographs convey messages and meaning to viewers. These activities feature low-tech and high-tech analysis of the media, including exploring how recommendation algorithms function, detecting fake news, conducting critical visual analyses, and evaluating memes and TikToks as political cartoons.

Media Literacy Activities Choice Board

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Women in Journalism & Media Choice Board

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Media Literacy Activities

Press Freedom in the United States and the World Objectivity and Reporting the News from All Sides Investigative Journalism and Social Change News Photographs & Newspaper Design How Reporters Report Events Recommendation Algorithms on Social Media Platforms YouTube Content Creators Fake News Investigation and EvaluationPaywalls and Access to Online NewsCritical Visual Analysis of Online and Print MediaMemes and TikToks as Political CartoonsWomen Reporters in the Movies Design a 21st Century Indie Bookstore Greenwashing and the Media AI Writing Tools, Politics, and History

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