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The Structure of State and Local Government

The media literacy activities in this section investigate topics where state and local government actions impact people and where people impact state and local government policies, including Native American mascots and logos, individual rights and privacy online, military recruitment, state-sponsored lotteries, COVID-19 pandemic and environmental protection policies, campaigns for public office, and digital democracy at state and local levels. There is a critical media literacy digital choice board about the roles of state and local government in our political system.

If “all politics is local,” as former Speaker of the House Tip O'Neill among others once said, then it is vitally important to understand the functions of state and local government. Such governments are the ones closest to where people live and their policies can have the greatest impacts on people’s daily lives.

The Great Seal of the State of Hawaii, in use from 1959 to the present day. Original design approved by Sanford B. Dole, the President of the Republic of Hawaii. Altered in 1901 to represent the change in status from republic to territory. Altered again in 1959 when the Legislature passed Act 272 (Regular Session of 1959).
Seal of the State of Hawaii | Public Domain

Media Literacy Activities Choice Board

The Structure of State and Local Government Media Literacy Choice Board
The Structure of State and Local Government Media Literacy Choice Board (view)
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Media Literacy Activities

Native American Mascots, Symbols, and Logos A Constitution for the Internet Military Recruitment and the MediaYour Privacy on Social Media Pandemic Policy Information in the MediaGendered Language in Media Coverage of Women in Politics Gender-Neutral Marketing of Toys Environmental Campaigns Using Social Media Plastic Pollution and the MediaTrusted Messengers, the Media, and the PandemicAI-Enhanced Online Campaigning for Political OfficeAdvertising the Lottery Online and In Print Local Governments, Social Media and Digital Democracy Protecting the Commons

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