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Book Creator is a digital tool that enables students to create and read multimodal digital books. It is an ideal tool for enhancing student engagement through story creation and multimedia design. When creating their own books, students can either generate their own content (by typing, drawing, or uploading self-made videos, audio files, and images) or they can curate online multimedia resources from the Internet. Book Creator can also be used in project-based learning activities because it allows real-time collaboration for multiple students to create one book. While students will get the most educational benefit out of designing their own books, they can also read multimodal books designed by others to enrich their knowledge.

Book Creator also offers a library of pre-designed eBooks and resources for teachers .

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Tool Snapshot

PriceLimited version: Free (40 books with all the functions except for real-time collaboration); $12/month for 1,000 books, real-time collaboration, analytics, and support. 
Ease of Use★★★★✩
Book Creator does not have accessibility terms on their website. Texts in the books can be read by the Read To Me function, but not the other multimedia. The creating process relies on hand drawing and typing.
Class SizeUnlimited
ISTE*SKnowledge Constructor & Creative Communicator

Book Creator Overview Video

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Book Creator & the SAMR Model

To further discuss how Book Creator can be used in the classroom, we can examine it with the SAMR Model by Dr. Ruben Puentedura. It suggests that the implementation of technology in teaching and learning has four levels. By using these levels as a guideline, we get to analyze the implication of edtech tools in the classroom.

Learning Activities


Create a bibliography of a historical figure. Write an alternate history book. Design a new history textbook that features influential women and people of color who shaped history.


Create a science journal/log. Design a multimodal handbook for science experiments.

Creative Arts

Create a portfolio of artworks.

English/Language Arts

Write a book about the local community and invite community members to contribute text and multimedia (For example, invite a police officer to suggest some tips for the residents). Write a fractured fairy tale.


How to Use Book Creator

  1. Go to and click sign in.
  2. Sign in as a student or an educator.
  3. Once you sign in, create your own library and start making a new book by clicking “+ New Book” on the upper left.
  4. Use “+” on the upper right to import or generate any content.
  5. Use the “i” sign on the upper right to adjust the settings of the page.
  6. Use the play button to get to the preview page to share or download the book, or click Read To Me to listen to your book.

Other Helpful Activities


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