Playposit is a interactive web-based video platform that allows educators to conduct formative assessments both inside and outside the classroom. Teachers are able to embed questions and prompts into videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Khan Academy, and other popular video platforms. Data can then be analyzed - providing powerful insight into educational trends in the classroom.

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Tool Snapshot

Price Free, limited. Pro: $144/year
Learning Behaviorism
Ease of Use ★★★★☆
Privacy ★★☆☆☆
Accessibility ★★★★☆
Class Size Unlimited
ISTE*S Empowered Learner

Playposit Overview Video

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Playposit & the SAMR Model

Playposit Tutorial Using Playposit

Tap on the image below to view the Playposit tutorial:

Playposit Tutorial Video

Learning Activities


Ask students to identify the everyday math in a scene from a YouTube video.


Invite students to respond to prompts as they watch a Ted-Ed Climate Change video.

History/Social Studies

Embed a series of open-ended prompts in a Crash Course History video


How to Use Playposit

  1. Go to
  2. Sign Up and register for an account through your preferred use account portal
  3. Create a new class/section
  4. Fill out profile
  5. Select New Bulb
  6. Past URL and add questions


Sherifi, D., & Hills, S. (2021, March). Improving engagement through a Playposit guided course project. In One Week International Conference On Global Collaborations in Science, Technology, Education, Mathematics & Humanities (STEM) to Advance the Frontiers of Knowledge & (p. 43).


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