Student Presentations

A Brief Overview of Open EducationWhat I Know Now About Open EducationTake IP&T 531: A Pitch to Graduate Students Falling 4 OEROpen Education Q & A Observations and Learnings About OERWhat is OER?Overview of Open EducationAdopting Open TextbooksCommunity Members Should Create OEROpen textbooks for MSED facultyConsider OER A Pitch for Open Textbook AdoptionThe Case for Open Textbooks in SFLA Call To Action for InstructorsLessons LearnedA Pitch for K-12 Teachers and Their Students to Create O.E.RA Case for OER in SFL 223OER in English Language TeachingIntroduction to Open EducationWhat is Open Pedagogy and Why Does it Matter?A brief and open letter about OER to my friends in K-12 EducationPitch to BYU OnlineA Brief Overview of Open EducationOpen Textbooks in the NDFS department pitchOpen Education for Aspiring Teachers

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