HW 1.5 Exploring School and Community Partnershiping through PTA Standards

Planning to address parent, family and community involvement through PTA Standards


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Evaluate, select, and advocate for applicable models of family and community involvement and support its implementation.

Assessment: 50 pts.

Due: Session 2

Teachers can be creative as they apply the National PTA standards to their work with parents, families, and communities. They will continue in this work to assist parents and families to understand assets and resources available in their own communities.

Students have learned about the National PTA Standards and have considered the requirements for the Partnership Plan, a major assignment for this course. They will now review questions for each of the PTA Standards to determine one to become the focus of their Partnership Plan. 


  1. In your group, review the six PTA Standards by looking at the question document. It asks critical guiding questions to consider which of the PTA standard you would like to focus on in your   partnership plan around. As you scroll through this document, you will notice that each standard with an explanation is listed followed by a set of questions. These are the questions we want you to consider. 
  2. As you review the questions for each standard or as you remember the self-assessment documents form class, identify which standard you would like to address to improve parent, family and community involvement at your school.
  3. As you brainstorm on your own, think about what would be doable in your setting at this point in time. You could review these ideas with colleagues at your school to gain more ideas or deepen your thinking. 
  4. Bring to class, any standard you particularly want to address and ideas you have about how to address the issues raised by the standard. Remember: On this project you can work with others in your class that are at your school or if your idea is at the district level you can work with others at your district or catchement area (or feeder schools). 
  5. Your Partnership Plan will be shared in session 6 and you review the directions in HW 1.6.

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