HW 2.3: Beginning the Family Profile

First Home Visit is Due in Session 4


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Evaluate, select, and advocate for applicable models of family and community involvement and support implementation.

Assessment: 50 pts.

Due: Session 3

Presentation of the profile in session 6.

Teachers cross borders by engaging with a family of their choice to gain understanding about the family funds of knowledge they possess.  They will apply this knowledge in their work with the student in the classroom.

Students have studied a VideoEthnography student  This week they will visit their chosen family for the first time to share the asset map with the family and to learn the family’s funds of knowledge.


  1. In your homework, you read about Funds of Knowledge and learned more about it from watching a video. In class you have considered home visits and how to conduct one. 
  2. Carefully review the Family Profile Assignment.   
  3. Create a list of questions you can ask the family on the first visit.  Remember to remain open to the family’s answers and concerns they share. 
  4. Remember to have someone go with you and if you need a translator arrange for one. Do not rely on your student to act as translator and remember the translator could join you through a phone if they cannot be there in person.
  5. Remember to allow space for parents to ask questions and be ready to answer their questions. Engage in an interview conversation not an interrogation.
  6. Share a copy of the asset map you have made and ask if they know of other places or individuals that they enjoy or rely on and could be added to your map. Jot down their ideas on your copy of the map or in your notes. 
  7. Before you leave, make an appointment and place for your next visit.  Remember this could be at school during parent teacher conferences or their home or someplace else they choose.
  8. Prior to visiting with the family a second time research everything they had questions about so you can answer them at the second visit and jot down some ideas about additional things you would like to explore with them. 
  9. Be prepared to share your experience with your classmates. 

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