HW 6.5: Reviewing an Example of an Advocacy Position

Thinking about Communicating about Advocacy


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Become an advocate for every student in your class as well as ELs.

Assessment: 50 pts.

Due: Session 7

Teachers can take on the role of advocator for their students through awareness of student strengths and needs and practice in advocating for them whenever possible.

Students are ready to work on the last major assignment for the course: The Advocacy Position Paper and Presentation. They will learn more about advocacy from a power point.


  1. Attached is a link to a PowerPoint presentation which represents an Advocacy position paper from an earlier course. After linking to the PowerPoint, you will need to download it to view it.
  2. As you review the PowerPoint consider your own Advocacy Presentation and note ideas from this presentation that you might use in your own. Each person is responsible for creating the slides for their part of the PowerPoint in which they will teach. 
  3. In session 7, you will work with your group to complete the Advocacy Paper and Presentation so bring all the materials you will need to do this.  


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