LA 1.3: National PTA Standards


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Employ strategies to empower parents/families to participate in their child’s education.

Assessment: 25 pts.

TA: 30 Minutes

Teachers use the PTA standards to consider and guide them in interacting with parents and community members in supporting all students in meeting their potential.  

Students have explored culture and community resources and are now ready to learn the standards to follow as they pursue enabling parents and community involvement in their school and classroom.


  1. The facilitator will organize the class into six groups. 
  2. Each group is assigned one of the six PTA standards to study. Review the National PTA Standards summary sheet  to gain information about your assigned standard. 

  3. Consider the standard’s purpose and how it can be used to bring schools and families together to improve each student’s education. 

  4. Create a poster explaining your standard and post it in the classroom.

  5. Using the session worksheet your used to record your thinking based on the cultural diorama and the asset map, record your developing understanding as your review each poster teaching about a PTA Standard.

  6. The class enages in a gallery walk, reading  each poster. Record your thinking on the session worksheet and using post-it notes, place questions you have or assertions you want to make on each poster. 

  7. Each group reviews the questons and prepares to answer the questions posted and assert the main ideas of their standard when called on. Take notes on your session sheet. 

  8. As a group discuss and then add to your session sheet how implementing these standards in your practice will assist families to participate in their child’s education.

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