LA 3.2: Work on the Family Profile

An Approach to Consider


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Understand and apply knowledge of how cultural identities impact language learning and school success by creating an environment that is inclusive of all students.  

Assessment: 25 pts.

TA: 30 Minutes

Teachers can use the qualitative approach as they visit the family the second time and then create the family profile assignment.

Students have made the first visit to the family they are profiling and will now read about and explain the qualitative approach to connecting homes and classrooms. They will then make the second visit with their chosen family.


  1. Working in groups of four, each person will read a different section from  Funds of Knowledge Chpt.4 "Funds of Knowledge for Teaching: Using a Qualitative Approach to Connect Homes and Classrooms".  A: reads pp. 71-75; B: reads pp 75-79; C reads: pp. 79-82 and D reads: pp. 82-86. 

  2. After reading, report to the group your section and then together discuss the ideas.

  3. Now create a visual that supports your group's understanding of how to use a qualitative approach to uncovering the ways in which classrooms and homes can be connected.

  4. Write a short paragraph that explains your visual.

  5. Post your visual.

  6. Observe the visuals of others and using sticky notes to post new understandings on the various posters.

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