LA 3.5: Exploring Community Engagement through Examples

Partnership Plans


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Acknowledge and follow local, state, and federal laws and policies as they pertain to ELLs and their families.

Assessment: 25 pts.

TA: 30 Minutes

Teachers can organize change in their school based on new information to attend to federal laws and policies as they work to engage families and community with the school.  

Students have studied OCR issues, National PTA standards for family and community involvement and will now study other articles on the topic of partnership plans.


  1. In groups of three, read the article your group is assigned from the list: (a); (2techplan); (b) (East High); (c) (Elderly Young); (d) (Foster Student Plan); (e) (Partner Parents); (f) Partnership Llibraries); (g) (Partner Reading Plan); and (h) (Grocery Plan).
  2. Based on your article, construct a poster that communicates the plan reported in the article. Be sure to list the key ideas so that you and others might adapt the plan to your school or classroom.
  3. Hang your poster. Then join a Gallery Walk--take notes on the ideas from the posters.
  4. As a group discuss, the ideas you observed and how they respond to the issues raised by your review of your school and compliance issues you uncovered.
  5. During this session, you have identified places your school might improve services for ELs and their families. Before you go today, jot down some actions you might take or ideas about a Partnership Plan. 

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