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    This page provides a basic feature comparison between EdTech Books and other open publishing platforms commonly used for open textbooks, journals, etc.

    FeatureEdTech BooksPressBooksOpen Journal SystemsBePress / Digital Commons
    API Data AccessYesMinimalNoNo
    Automated Book PDF GenerationYesYesNoNo
    Automated Chapter PDF GenerationYesNoNoNo
    Automated Text-to-SpeechYesNoNoNo
    Automated MS Word ConversionYesNoNoNo
    Automated Translation SupportYesNoNoNo
    Mobile OptimizationYesSomewhatNoNo
    Single Sign-on (e.g., Google, SAML, Orcid)YesNoLimitedLimited
    Editorial Features
    Author-controlled BiographiesYesNoNoNo
    Automated Deidentification of ManuscriptsYesNoNoNo
    Collaborative AuthorshipYesMinimalNoNo
    Cross-book Copying of ContentYesNoNoNo
    Continuous Improvement Tools and PromptsYesNoNoNo
    Custom Book-level CSSYesNoNoNo
    Editorial Management and Peer ReviewYesNoYesYes
    Endorsement ManagementYesNoNoNo
    Google Docs ImportingYesNoNoNo
    History / Revision TrackingYesSomewhatNoNo
    Inline EditingYesNoNoNo
    Manuscript Submission ManagementYesNoYesYes
    Quality Assurance BadgingYesNoNoNo
    Quality Assurance RatingsYesNoNoNo
    REST SavingYesNoNoNo
    Indexing and Search Engine Optimization
    Author Affiliation IndexingYesNoNoNo
    Author Profile LinksYesNoNoNo
    Automated Citation GenerationYesNoNoNo
    Click-level AnalyticsYesNoNoNo
    Collections / SeriesYesNoYesYes
    Cross-site InclusionYesNoNoNo
    DOI RegistrationYesNoYesYes
    Internal AnalyticsYesNoMinimalMinimal
    Keyword IndexingYesNoYesYes
    Sitewide SearchYesNoYesYes
    Educational Features
    Learning ChecksYesNoNoNo
    Linked GlossariesYesNoNoNo
    LMS (iFrame) EmbeddingYesYesNoNo
    LMS Gradebook IntegrationForthcomingNoNoNo
    Multimedia and iFrame EmbeddingYes, AutomatedYes, ManualNoNo
    Predicted Reading TimeYesNoNoNo
    Reader FavoritingYesNoNoNo
    Reader Progress TrackingYesNoNoNo