Buying Hosting

What do we mean by web hosting? Everything on the web needs to exist on a computer, called a server, somewhere. The folks that provide the service of hosting websites on their servers are called website hosts. When you purchase website hosting, you are renting space on a server that is accessible on the Internet. 


If you purchase your domain name from one place and your hosting service from another, you will need to tell your domain name provider what the address is of the server your website is hosted on. 


For all in one domain name and hosting service, with excellent customer service I recommend Reclaim Hosting. They are specifically setup to support students who are learning how to create their own self-hosted domain. They are familiar with WordPress and if you get into trouble they are usually very quick to help you sort things out. 

Activity: Purchase your domain and hosting

  1. Look into options for purchasing your domain and hosting.  
    All examples in this book will use Reclaim Hosting as both the domain name provider and domain host provider. 

  2. Choose a provider and purchase both a domain and a hosting service.

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