Preservice Teacher Information Sheets

Beginning and Ending Information Sheets for Preservice Teachers.

Purpose:  Their are two forms listed here:

The first form provides us with information that allows us to contact you, your school-based mentor, and your university supervision. We ask you for this formation so that we can be proactive in supporting you in the practicum and collecting from those working with you appropriate evaluations needed for completing the course.

The form  is posted below. Following the link will give you access to a form for you to fill out and post through Learning Suite. It is worth 25 points. You can also access and post it through Learning Suite (in your section) listed under assignments on the BYU Grades tab. Please upload this form in Learning Suite in your section or from the link below and again submit it through learning suite.

You can also acess the begining term sheet by clicking   HERE. Remember once you fill it out to submit it on Learning Suite.

The second form, you will fill out at the end of your experience. It is called the End of Term Student Information Sheet. The form begins by  identifying who you are and how to contact you and includes the details of your school placement. The bottom section of the form asks you to report when your Mentor, your University Supervior, and you submitted PAES forms. Please upload this End of Term Form in Learning Suite for the section your are enrolled in and submit it through Learning Suite (It can also be accessed there). 

You can also access the end of term sheet by clicking HERE.Remember once you fill it out to submit it on Learning Suite.

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