• TELL Practicum Guidelines
  • Welcome to the TELL Practicum Guide
  • Description and Brief Explanation of the Five TELL Practicum Assignments
  • Preservice Teacher Information Sheets
  • Guidelines for your Mentor for Providing Support
  • Assignment 1: Teacher Observation
  • Assignment 2: Teacher Interview
  • Assignment 3: Individual Language Development Plan
  • Assignment 4: The Multiple Simultaneous Diverse Learning Activity (MSDLA) Assignment
  • Assignment 5: Final Reflection of the TELL Practicum
  • End of Term Information Sheet
  • Appendices
  • Appendix A: Guidlines for Relections
  • Appendix B: PAES Form--Annotated
  • Appendix C: Utah State Board of Education Standards for the ESL Endorsement
  • Appendix D: Text Modification Article
  • Appendix MSDLA Examples for Reference
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  • Translations
  • MSDLA Resources

    Linked documents to support the construction of your MSDLA

    List of Support Materials:

    1. The Works in Progress Document (this is optional but allows you to record your explanations and things you might want to remember as you put together your final MSDLA documents). The WIP is found here

    2. Selecting and Teaching Vocabulary: Facts about Vocabulary, Teachings from the TELL courses about Vocabulary Learning, Video from the Literacy Course (TELL 430), linked here. Remember you will scroll down to the video segment for session 7).

    2. TELL Tools: This link will take you to an open access, online text that contains the TOOLs and explantions of them which you have used several times in the course.

    3. Desigining Activities: These links will take you to descriptions of teaching strategies and assessment strategies you might use for your activities

    4. Directions for constructing rubrics: For the informal assessments you use in the various activities you will want to construct checklists or rubrics the teachers can use to evaluate the work. Directions for constructing a rubric can be found at this link or this YouTube Video (https://equitypress.org/-MCVA)

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