Description and Brief Explanation of the Five TELL Practicum Assignments

The TELL practicum consists of five assignments. They are:

1. Teacher Observation. You watch a teacher during a 20-30 minuted lesson. You note the SIOP items used by the teacher. This is not to judge the teacher's use of SIOP, but to remind you of the parts of SIOP, supporting you as you begin teaching English learners. You will write a reflection based on your observation and submit to Learning Suite.

2. Teacher Interview. You will interview your mentor teacher using six prepared questions. Take notes on the conversation you have with the teacher and reflect on your learning. Write your reflection and submit to Learning Suite. 

3. Individual Language Development Plan (ILDP). You will select an EL student in the class to study for this assignment. Your mentor teacher should be consulted as you select a student. Your next step is to observe the student and do some assessments to discover the strengths and needs he/she has. You will then develop a plan for that student to improve in all the areas of literacy. Complete your reflection and submit this assignment of Learning Suite.

4. Multiple Simultaneous Diverse Learning Activities. Commonly called the MSDLAs, this is the opportunity for you to create a set of learning activities as in TELL 440. You may work with a partner in the same or close grade level to develop them. Be sure to work with your mentor to determine a state standard to base the centers on. You will enact these in your classroom. Your work, as well as a reflection, will be submitted to Jenn Hughs at the email address given to you--not on Learning Suite.

5. Final Reflection. This is your opportunity to reflect on your learning and growth from completing the previous four assignments. Submit this final reflection assignment on Learning Suite. 

You will find each assignment fully explained in the chapters below.

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