HW 1.4 Using First Language Acquisition in Current Educational Practices


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Acquire and employ knowledge of language as a system and the ways in which languages are different and similar.

Assessment: 50 pts.

Due: Session 2

Teachers can consider their learning from the readings as they plan instruction appropriate for English language learners.

Students have viewed issues of first language literacy development from a video. They have also considered six broad literacy profiles of second language learners. They now analyze readings and collaborate to build a greater understanding of connections between first language literacy development and second language literacy development based on the needs and characteristics of language learners.


  1. Review both articles on first language acquisiton:
  2. Answer the following questions. Responses can be in paragraph form or bullet points. 
    • What first language acquition theories and practices mentioned in the article summaries do you already use in your professional education practices?
    • What ideas from these articles are you not using, but would find beneficial in your practice?
    • Based on the article you read from HW 1.2, what are the differences between first and second language aquisition? (This will be discussed more in Session 2.)

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