HW 2.3 Final Project Work for Unit Revision


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Apply current research based practices to plan classroom instruction in supportive learning environments. This includes planning for learners from diverse backgrounds using standards-based ESL and content curriculum.

Assessment: 50 pts.

Due: Session 3

Teachers can plan standards-based units incorporating second language literacy development with research-based and evidence-based practices as they teach English language learners.

Students have examined the literacy theories, explored multiple learner profiles, reviewed a unit plan example, and categorized literacy assessments. These activities are the first steps need in creating the unit plan revision for final project.


  1. Pick a unit you want to revise to better meet the literacy needs of your ELLs.
  2. Read the Unpacking Standards and Backward Design article summaries.
  3. Use the Unit Instrucional Planning Guide to start the revision process by thinking about the big picture of the unit plan.

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