HW 3.2 Unit Goals for ELLs' Literacy Profiles


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Assess the literacy of second language learners in ways that assist literacy development.

Assessment: 25pts.

Due: Session 4

Teachers can identify an individual student’s strengths and needs in literacy to better meet their needs and apply this to all the students they teach.

Students have analyzed the needs and strengths of the ELLs. They have also completed their Unit Instructional Planning Guide. They are now ready to make goals for their ELLs as they learn the unit material.


  1. Now that you have completed the Unit Instructional Planning Guide, you can go back to the Literacy Profiles you created for your more and less proficient ELLs and make cognitive, social/affective, and linguistic goals for them to complete while learning the unit material.
  2. Use the Literacy Profile of an English Learner worksheet you already worked on during HW 2.4. Complete Section 2: Goals, for both your more and less proficient ELL.

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