HW 3.4 Using Video Segment 7.1 to Learn about Vocabulary


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Develop knowledge and skills to construct learning environments that support development of English language proficiency: literacy, academic, and cognitive development. 

Assessment: pts.

Due: Session #

Teachers can identify and develop strategies for teaching vocabulary. 

Students have learned about creating a literacy-forcused classroom and the importance of developing vocabulary



  1. For this homework you will watch a video on teaching and learning vocabulary.
  2. To access the video click on this video link.
    1. This takes you to the screen where you have watched videos for the assessment course. 
    2. Scroll down to where it says 7.1 Second Language Vocabulary Development. To the right, there are a list of videos to watch for this assignment. Click on the first one that is labeled "Vocabulary". \
    3. Scroll to the top of the page to press play on the video and watch it.
    4. Using Active Viewing Guide HW 3.4, take notes on the video.


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