HW 5.2 Planning for Teaching Reading in My Unit


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Use knowledge and skills to construct learning environments that support development of English language proficiency.

Assessment: 50 pts.

Due: Session 6

Teachers can revise their Unit Plan in relationship to teaching ELL students to understand and construct texts.

Teachers have learned about selecting and teaching various kinds of readings to help ELLs understand and construct texts. They are positioned to revise their unit to attend to the comprehension needs of their ELLs when teaching texts.


  1. For this assignment, you will work on revising your unit plan, attending to how you will teach or support students the understanding and constructing of texts necessary for understanding the content in your unit.
  2. The following experiences and documents will support your decisions about attending to reading:
    • The Unit you are revising.
    • Literacy Profiles for 2 ELs (HW 3.2)
    • Notes from learning about comprehension and the role of text structure (HW 4.4)
    • Readings you identified from your plan (HW 4.5)
    • Notes from a deeper understanding of the Literacy Guidelines for ELs (HW 4.6)
    • Session 5 Key Ideas worksheet
  3. Use the Session 5 Key Ideas worksheet to revise your unit plan and list of lessons.
  4. Develop the documents and activities you will use to support the comprehension and creation of texts for your students generally and the 2 ELs you are focusing on specifically.
  5. Keep track of the changes you make in your plan and the basis for your revisions and accommodations. (You will use these notes in session 7 when you create the document that reports your revisions and your reasoning behind them).

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