LA 1.2 Expanding the Definition of Literacy


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Know, understand, and use the major concepts, theories, and research related to the nature and acquisition of language and linguistic systems to support English language learners’ development of literacy.

Assessment: 25 pts.

TA: 45 Minutes

Teachers can consider the myths they base their work on and see how they can be more effective content AND literacy teachers, especially for their English language learners.

Students have looked at their own literacy backgrounds and practices, and will now consider some of the myths and realities surrounding literacy practices for teaching English learners as well as expand their definition of literacy. 


  1. Students will complete a Truth and Myth Queestionaire, regarding literacy beliefs and current pedagogy. Then, they will watch 3 videos and answer questions to help them expand their definition of literacy.
  2. Complete the Truth and Myth Questionnaire regarding literacy beliefs and current pedagogy. Then, discuss your responses with the class as guided by the facilitator.
  3. Watch the first part of Views of Literacy (You are viewing video segment 1. Click on the video and then move to the screen and start at the beginning and end at time stamp 8:54)and answer the questions on AVG 1.1, using the right hand column for any addition notes. Discuss answers and any other questions that arise as a class.
  4. Watch the rest of segment 1.  Views of Literacy (Click on the video, scroll up to the sceen and start at 8:54 and watch until the end) and answer the questions on AVG 1.2 discussing other ways to look at literacy. 
  5. Watch the third video Literacy in the 21st Century and answer the questions on AVG 1.3.
  6. Revisit your Literacy Educational Practices Statement and revise it to reflect what you learned from this activity.

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