LA 1.3 Exploring Literacy through TELL Tools


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Acquire and employ knowledge of language as a system and the ways in which languages are different and similar.

Assessment:25 pts.

TA: 45 Minutes

Teachers can use information from the TELL Tools as they apply literacy knowledge to their planning and instruction for English learners.

Students have begun the Literacy course and will now return to the TELL Tools to refresh their knowledge regarding their application to literacy learning.


  1. Connect literacy to the TELL Tools studied in previous classes: Inclusive Pedagogy, Standards for Effective Pedagogy, Second Language Aquisition (CPV), and Assessmet (There is an ESL Curriculum Guidelines Tools, disregard for now, you'll study an updated version in depth in Session 3). (This is a link to the Master Posters:

  2. Look at the Meta Goals/Strategies Chart to consider the meta goals (language and literacy development and challenging activities) and meta strategies (joint productive activities, contextualization, and instructional conversations)  you rely on from the Standards of Effective pedagogy to influence your professional educational practices. Even if you don't use these names, what are you already doing that looks similar?

  3. Look at the Linking TELL Tools and Literacy worksheet and answer the questions in groups.

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