Developing Second Language Literacy

LA 2.4 Makoto's Literacy Profile


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Employ theories of acquisition of a primary and new language in instruction.

Assessment: 25 pts.

TA: 45 Minutes

Teachers can better serve English learners when they know how to determine strengths and weak- nesses of each student.  This results in lessons prepared to support them as they develop literacy in a second language.

Students have begun to explore literacy from a second language perspective. After viewing Makoto’s case study, they will make observations of her literacy development and her strengths and weaknesses. 



1. Students will complete a Literacy Profile for Makoto in groups, focusing specifially on her literacy needs. Use the following to complete Section 1 of Makoto's Literacy Profile (Note as you analyze Makoto's case you will type over the text in the document):

Note: Some of Makoto’s test scores may seem confusing—take what you can from it, but don’t spend time figuring it out and analyzing it.

2. To complete Section 2 (Goals), make cognitive, linguistic, and social/affective goals that will improve her literacy skills. 

Viewing Makoto’s Video Case from Second Language Literacy Case: A Video Ethnography


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