LA 4.2 Effectively Teaching Academic Vocabulary and Language


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Employ theories of vocabulary for first and second language acquisition in teaching literacy

Assessment: 25 pts.

TA: 40 Minutes

Teachers can utilize various methods of teaching vocabulary to ELs in elementary and secondary classrooms. This enables students to have greater access to the terms they need to know and understand so they can participate fully in learning content.

Teachers have learned the characteristics of academic vocabulary and the role teaching academic language can have in their classrooms. They will now learn effective strategies on how to help their ELLs learn vocabulary.


    1. You will be placed in groups of four. There are four summaries of articles, and each of you needs to read one of them. Take notes on the Effectively Teaching Academic Vocabulary and Language graphic organizer.

    2. As you read your article, take notes about key points and what you consider to be invaluable in your instruction of ELs.

    3. In addition all of you will look over the following vocabulary teaching templates:

    4. Explain your understanding and key points from the article you read. The rest of the group should take notes about the key points on the Effectively Teaching Academic Vocabulary and Language graphic organizer. Consider the graphic organizers your looked over in #3 and others you may you in your teaching practices. What role do they play in deepening students comprehension?

    4. Now share strategies you have employed in your instruction of vocabulary that you think are very useful as ways to help EL students understand and remember the vocabulary they need to know.

    5. Consider how, in your unit, you will adjust your vocabulary instruction to better meet the needs of the ELs you teach.

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