LA 6.2 Connecting Reading to Writing


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Employ theories of first and second language acquisition in teaching literacy and content area subjects.

Assessment: 20 pts.

TA: 35 Minutes

Teachers will strengthen the language and literacy development of their ELs as they intentionally choose reading and writing assignments that teach similay aspects of literacy. 

Students have learned about effective reading and writing practices. They are now ready to work on connecting their reading and writing assignments to give their ELs modeling and examples of the types of academic language, expository texts, and academic writing students need to acheive higher levels of literacy.


    1. Work in groups of 2 to 3. Review the section in Wright Chapter 9, Relationship Between Reading and Writing, pgs. 226-229 (2nd edition), pgs. 238-239 (3rd edition). Remember to take notes on key ideas on your graphic organizer.
      • What does Wright say is the connection between reading and writing?
      • The section mentions, teaching reading is teaching writing and teaching writing is teaching reading? What does this mean? How do you apply this concept to your work as an educational professional?
      • Do you use any of the ways mentioned for reading to support EL writing? (reading as a springboard for a topic to write about, reading as source material for a specific writing topic, reading as an example of a specific text structure to imitate in writing).
    2. Pull out your unit plan with the writing assignments highlighted.
      • How does your unit use reading to further the development of ELs’ writing ability? Share 2-3 examples with your group.
      • Which writing assignments could you revise to more effectively teach writing using your readings?

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