TELL: Teaching English Language Learners

This 16-credit endorsement provided at Brigham Young University is a series of six video-anchored courses. The program’s overarching purpose is to advance the education of language minority students through teacher development. The program meets this purpose by developing teachers who know how to learn and grow as educators.

As a result of this program, participants, particularly content-area teachers, will be able to work with linguistically and culturally diverse learners in the regular classroom in ways that reflect pedagogic practices that are inclusive of all learners. Completion of the entire TELL Program results in an ESL teaching endorsement.

Principles of Language AcquisitionIntegrating Content and Language InstructionFamily, School, and Community PartnershipsDeveloping Second Language LiteracyAssessment for Linguistically Diverse StudentsUnderstanding Language Acquisition Foundations of Education for Emergent BilingualsTELL Practicum Guidelines: Linking the Practicum Projects to the TELL Learning Outcomes Tools for Guiding the Teaching of English Language Learners