Session 4: Creating Comprehensible Input

Important: Remind teachers as class ends that they need to bring their work from HW 3.4 as they will need it to do LA 5.1.  Remind them to staple the scoring guide to their work. 


LA 4.1(30 min) Critical Research on Input: Jigsaw Reading—Put teachers into expert groups (those who read the same article) to meet to discuss the article read.  Give them 5 minutes for this.  Then assign them to groups of 5—each of whom read a different article.  In that group, each person will share the gist of their article in 5 minutes so that at the end of 25 minutes, everyone is familiar with every one of the 5 articles. 


LA 4.2 (40 min) Feedback About Knowing my Second Language Learner—This activity critiques the work from HW 3.4.  In groups of 4 consisting of 2 pairs, each pair works together to critique the work of the other 2 in their group using the completion checklist and the quality rubric. After they have completed this, they should give the critiqued papers back to the owners. Be sure the ciritiquers have put their names on as graders and that the owners turn them in to you at the end of class. 


LA 4.3 (75 min) Comprehensible Input—This activity is a power point (called comprehensible input) in the folder Box LA 4.3F.  Be sure you go through the power point prior to class to prepare yourself to lead the discussion.  Teachers need the comprehensible input worksheet (3 pages) which is the same folder. Be sure they fill in the worksheet and participate in the discussion as this will be a good source for them to keep handy as they plan for ELLs 


LA 4.4 (20 min) Modifying Oral InputTeachers need Making Text Comprehensible reading and use the Input Summary, and discuss the following two strategies reviewing the Why it Works column on the Input Summary document. Put them in groups of 4. 


LA 4.5 (20 min) Input and Vocabulary Development—This activity asks teachers to look at information and discuss it in small groups. They need the reading document and the vocabulary sheet for each student.  Circulate among the groups as they do this work. Collect the work for grading. 


HW 4.1—They need to add to their reflections on applying strategies for ELs in their classroom in their online journal.   


HW 4.2—This  homework will be the discussion focus in LA 5.3.  Teachers need to read each of the five articles and fill in the worksheet. This worksheet needs to brought to session 5. 


HW 4.3—Teachers need to read the seventh chapter in the Wright book.  They need to follow the directions on the learning activity and bring in the note-taking sheet to session 5. 


HW 4.4—Teachers do research from any source they can find to identify 2 strategies to share in session 5. There will be a short sharing time in session 5. 


HW 4.5—Teachers need to observe the student they are studying and fill out the 2-page classroom inventory observation sheet as well as the indicators for Standards for Effective Pedagogy sheet and the scoring guide, all included on box HW 4.5 folder. Remind them that it is due in session 7. 

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