Session 5: The Role of Interaction

LA 5.1 (40 min) Feedback About Knowing my EL Student—This is the follow-up to HW 3.4.  Assign the teachers into pairs and then join 2 pairs together to form a group.  Go over the instructions for this learning activity with the class, and then they should follow the instructions as listed.  This will result in each person receiving feedback on the work they have done so far towards completion of the Display of Development which is the culminating activity for the course. Circulate throughout the class as they work on this activity so you can answer questions and offer advice.  Bring a few extra scoring guides from the HW 3.4 assignment in case some forget to attach it to their work.  They began the work in session 3 as homework, and it is due in session 5 


LA 5.2 (40 min) Role of Interaction in English Language DevelopmentTeachers use the response sheet from LA 5.2as you show the VS 6.2 and teachers will answer the questions on the response sheet.  You can stop the video to clarify points or issues you think are important. Lead a discussion about the importance of interaction in EL instruction. 


LA 5.3 (20 min) Negotiating Meaning Through Interaction:Gallery WalkYou will need to post 3 large chart papers on the walls, each labeled with one of the questions on the LA 5.3 learning activity sheet. Be prepared with more chart papers in case the first one in each place gets filled.  Provide markers for people to write on the charts.  Follow the directions in the learning activity. 

LA 5.4 (30 min) Classroom Parables of Cultural Interaction PatternsTeachers need to fill in the response sheet for LA 5.4.  Show the video segment 6.2 and as they watch, teachers need to answer the questions on the response sheet.  Lead a discussion on the importance of interaction between and among cultures.  Lead a class discussion after the video. 

LA 5.5 (15 min) Strategy Search Report—This is the follow-up to the homework last week of finding 2 strategies they would like to use in their work with ELs. Have teachers form an inside/outside circle and time 2 minutes for every exchange, 1 minute each for both to share.  Keep it moving until time is up. 

HW 5.1—They need to update their online journal. 

HW 5.2—This reminds teachers to bring three pieces of writing from the student they are studying to prepare for a learning activity in session 6. 

Before students leave, remind them to bring 3 pieces of writing from the student they are studying to class in session 6…it is HW 5.2.  They will use it in a learning activity in session 6. 

Also remind them that they need to keep working on their final projects as they are due in session 8. 

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