Session 7: Promoting ELs Learning through My Learning

LA 7.1 (100 min.) Re-Examining My Learning about Inclusive Pedagogy, WIDA, SEP,  & My Beliefs —This activity models MSDLAs in which the Teachers participate to review course material but also experience participating in MSDLAs.  It’s always a good idea to time the centers—your phone will do.  Use the attached rotation chart—You will need to provide one for each class member. Using the rotation chart means that every teacher will work with every other teacher during the session. 

There are 5 centers. First, read the instructions on LA 7.1 in the materials—it is titled LA 7.1 Re-Examining My Learning about Inclusive Pedagogy, WIDA, SEP,  & My Beliefs.  Use the Rotation Chart form to create a rotation chart to guide teachers' movements through the centers. Each participant will need their own copy of the chart so they will know how to move through the centers. 

You will be at Center 1, leading the instructional conversation while the groups move through the other 4 centers.  Each group will come to your center before the 90 minutes ends.  The required papers for the other 4 centers are included in the materials, and teachers will have those conversations by themselves at each center.  You will provide each teacher with a copy of the rotation chart so that they can move easily from center to center. They need to know which center they are to participate in at each rotation. The rotation chart allows them to work with every other teacher in the class during the course of the centers.  Because there are 5 centers, use the chart for 5 centers.  When the timer rings, have them look at the chart to see where they move next.  Give 30 seconds to move and then set the timer again.  Be sure to have the materials needed at each center copied and in place at the center.  You need one for every student in the class. 


LA 7.2 (50 min.)—The rest of the session gives Teachers time to work on and develop their Display of Development project which is a major project for the course.  Read through the directions in LA 7.2.  When they have finished sharing, they can leave.  As soon as one student tells you they are ready to share, have them sit in a place where the next 2 who are ready can join them.  When that group is filled, begin a new group.  

 Facilitator has 10 minutes to review Homework and Plan for the final session. Remind them to bring their survey that they completed in Session 6.  


HW 7.1--Teacher Reflection—The teachers are invited to review their past reflections for evidence and ideas about learning for the portfolio 

HW 7.2 Representation of my Learning. Students complete constructing their portfolio’s for session 8 and prepare to share it.  

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