CoverFoundations for Second Language TeachingSession 1: Exploring My Culture and ELs StrengthsSession 2: Developing Understandings of Culture--Mine and My ELsSession 3: Considering ELs as a Resource in My Teaching Session 4: Developing Knowledge of Assets and Legal ObligationsSession 5: Attending to Standards and Classifications with WIDASession 6: Positioning ELs within the School GameSession 7: Promoting ELs Learning through My LearningSession 8: Celebrating and Presenting My LearningSecond Language AcquisitionSession 1: Language and IdentitySession 2: Who are Our ELLs? Defining Needs and StrengthsSession 3: Current Realities: ESL Programs and PracticesSession 4: Creating Comprehensible InputSession 5: The Role of InteractionSession 6: Stages of Development and Errors and FeedbackSession 7: Proficiencies and PerformancesSession 8: Displays of Professional DevelopmentAssessment for Linguistically Diverse StudentsSession 1: Understanding My Role as an AssessorSession 2: Developing Understandings through MediaSession 3: Designing for Understanding Using Standards for Effective PedagogySession 4: Considering Alternative Assessments in Relationship to ELsSession 5: Designing and Developing AssessmentSession 6: Debating and Responding to Assessment IssuesSession 7: Developing Knowledge for Practice and AdvocacySession 8: Revealing My LearningDeveloping Second Language LiteracySession 1: Analyzing My Literacy BackgroundSession 2: Increasing Awareness of Language, Literacy, and PowerSession 3: Designing a Literacy-Focused ClassroomSession 4: Building Knowledge of Academic Language Session 5: Assisting Students in Understanding and Constructing Texts Session 6: Intentionally Teaching Writing in Content Area Instruction Session 7: Critiquing, Reviewing, Editing, and Revising my Unit Plan Session 8: Sharing My LearningIntegrating Content and Language InstructionSession 1: Positioning Myself to Integrate Content and Promote Academic LanguageSession 2: Deepening Understanding of TELL Conceptual ToolsSession 3: Building Knowledge of Vocabulary Session 4: Strengthening Curriculum by Adjusting for ELsSession 5: Learning from Feedback Session 6: Practicing Developing MSDLAsSession 7 Using MSDLAs to Review SIOPSession 8: Demonstrating My Knowing of Integrating Content and Language InstructionFamily, School, & Community Partnerships Session 1 Community, Assumptions, and PTA StandardsSession 2: Preparing to Cross BordersSession 3: Family and Community EngagementSession 4: CollaborationSession 5: Exploring Community ResourcesSession 6: High Expectations for English LearnersSession 7: Responding to Student and Family NeedsSession 8: Advocating for Students and Families

Session 7 Using MSDLAs to Review SIOP

Engaging in MSDLAs for Review

As students come into the class this time, have them post their self-portraits created in HW 6.2 from last week. You will hold a gallery walk in LA 7.3. 

LA 7.1 (10 min): Sharing My Learning and Professional Development This week’s shower of ideas concerns students’ reflection on the use of the Standards for Effective Pedagogy and sheltering instruction for second language learners. They need to think of an event when you wondered or shifted your instruction. They are asked to write this down and then participate in the shower of ideas. Again, you write responses on the board.  

LA 7.2 (110 min): Enacting Centers to Demonstrate Skill in Using High-Quality Strategies and Practices—Notice that this activity is allotted 110 minutes. There are 2 parts. For part 1, you need to set up places for the small groups to set up the eight centers they created last week. Remind them that they also need to have the student task card at the center. You will have a teacher center during the 2 rotations to be done. You center in which students can ask questions they still may have prior to presenting their MSDLAs in the last session. You can find the forms needed in LA 1.4—you may want to have a printed version of each to have them handy. While you have your teacher center, students will move through the first 4 centers and yours. Part 2 is when the other 4 centers will be visited by all the students, while you are answering questions for the MSDLA again. So there are 5 centers in each part. You will need to keep time for this so that each center time is 10 minutes so everyone can visit all of the centers throughout. The instructions in the learning activity is probably easier to understand.  

LA 7.3 (35 min): Displaying My Self-Portrait The class will do a gallery walk to view all the self-portraits. They look at everyone’s portraits and also the things they included that were important to them in teaching ELs. Have them return to their seats to discuss their ahas from their observations. Have each group report on an idea from the group that was interesting (allow 1 min per group).   

Homework Review (5 min) The Reflection assignment is slightly different so review that with them. Remind them they will need to finalize their MSDLA for homework for this session and that they will share the final product in eight. 

HW 7.1: Reflection on My Practice in Developing ELs Content and Language Proficiency  Teachers need to reflect on a successful lesson with ELs in which they used the Standards for Effective Pedagogy or the SIOP principles. They need to write about that experience using personal voice. The writing needs to include connections to this or other TELL courses. They should also raise questions or wonders about teaching ELs. They turn it in to you and be ready to share. 

HW 7.2: Finalize Your MSDLAs Teachers need to complete everything needed to share their MSDLAs in session 8. They need to be sure all of the paperwork is completed as linked in LA 1.4, so you can refer them to that.  

HW 7.3: Implementing Centers in My Classroom Now is the time for the teachers to  enact some or hopefully, all of their centers in their classroom. They need to prepare themselves to share their MSDLA assignment, including the opening and closing activities, in small groups. They can use a power point, a handout, or bring materials from the centers. Everyone will have 10-15 minutes to share their work.  

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