Session 7: Responding to Student and Family Needs

LA 7.1—This activity has the entire class watch a TED talk by Rita Pierson entitled “Every Kid Needs a Champion. It’s about 8 minutes long, and the discussion you have afterward should include building good relationships with every student and family; the difference a strategic and caring teacher can make in a student’s life; and things they have already done to help them be a champion in students’ lives. Hopefully, this will progress into sharing ideas and strategies they might use in their everyday work with students. 

LA 7.2—For this one, they had homework about helping students be resilient.  As they read materials about helping kids become more resilient, they were to have in mind one student they teach now or did have previously. They were to develop a plan for assisting this student to become more resilient in their outlook on life. Put them in a small group and have them discuss their plan for that student and their learning about building resilience. Then they should identify 5-10 talking points they could share with colleagues or their school to help kids be resilient. Then bring them back together as a whole class and list on the board some of the talking points identified. Encourage them to share where they teach.  

LA 7.3—This is the work time for the Advocacy Position Paper and Presentation. They have an hour and 20 minutes left to work on it. Be sure they understand that if they don’t finish it tonight, they will need to have it ready for next week. Be sure to circulate and answer questions or offer suggestions as they work. 

HW 7.1—The final reflection for the course. Have them turn in all of their reflections to you for a grade if you haven’t been grading them all along. This is their application part of the grade, and they get 50 points for each one.  

HW 7.2—They watch a video from TELL Materials. It talks partnershipping with families and communities. They might be able to use information here in their advocacy assignment.  

****Remind them to bring HW 6.6, the survey they retook in that homework, to bring it to session 8 for a reflection. 

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