Session 8: Advocating for Students and Families

LA 8.1—You will determine the order of presenting for the advocacy presentations. I always did it by order of arrival when a team was all there.  You can do it however you choose. For each presentation, you will need to have the peer evaluation forms ready and assign a different person from each table to evaluate each presentation. At the end of the presentation, the evaluators should give the form with the evaluator’s name on it to the presenting team, and they hand them in to you with their presentation. After all presentations have been done, have a class-wide discussion about ideas that resonated with them and how they will continue to advocate for ELs and their families.  

LA 8.2—For this final activity, you will need to have their original survey they did for the first session. Before returning them to the students, hand out a new one for them to take prior to looking at their first one. Then pass out the original one. The idea is for them to compare the two surveys to see how their responses have changed or not.  

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