Session 8: Displays of Professional Development

Final MSDLA document. Here is the rubric for you to use in evaluating the project 

AVG 9.1--This was originally AVG 9.1, but we have put it here for the teachers to watch as they first come to class. It is called Classroom Strategies: Actions as Advocacy. Follow this link to find the video. Scroll down to session 9 and go to AVG 9.1. They click on AVG 9.1 to watch this video. This will give you time to prepare the seating chart for LA 8.1 in which teachers will share their ILDP with a different group of teachers, explained below in LA 8.1. 

LA 8.1—Reorganize the groups of teachers so that every teacher presents their ILDP with others who are not familiar with their student. Each group should have 4-6 members. This is like the final stage of a jigsaw where a member of every expert group (regular working group), is placed together in a group where they can share their expertise. In this new group, each teacher presents their Individual Language Development Plan for their student. The listeners take notes on each presentation as they are given and turn in the form at the end of class on the evaluation worksheet provided. If you want the teachers to fill out the form in writing, remember to make copies for each participant. This activity is allotted 90 minutes (4 per group=25 minutes. 5 in a group 18 minutes, and 6 is15 minutes. You will need to visit each group during the sharing time and at the end make comments on things you heard. The worksheet if you want to print it out is located in this link.

LA 8.2—This activity is a class discussion regarding their implementation goals which everyone knows as the first homework every week. As a class discuss the 3 questions at the end of the learning activity. 

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