Inspiring New Methods, Frameworks, and Collaborations through Self-Study Research

“Not everything that is faced is changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

James Baldwin

These are tumultuous times. Global uncertainty, pandemics, social unrest, political influence, and environmental impacts weave together in the backdrop of our lives. And yet, as researchers and educators, we carry on. This section illuminates inspiration in the act of understanding ourselves, others, our power, our individuality, and our roles in the collective communities in which we place ourselves. The works here represent a need for recognizing, responding to, acting on -- facing -- what should be changed. The tools of our craft are the critical friendships, the blurring of I and we, and the gift of empowerment to ourselves and others. Through these self-studies, we have sought to make visible the invisible, to (re)position ourselves and our knowing in light of inequities, in search of transformations, and responsiveness to our fellow humans. The acts of creating, sculpting, writing, weaving, and collaborating result in opportunities for interrogating, pushing, acting, and changing the tapestry of education and self-study of practices. 

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