HW 7.2 Final Project


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Course objective example (Apply the knowledge and…)

Assessment: pts.

Due: Session # 8

Pedagogical intent example (Learners communicate and interact for authentic purposes to meet personal goals.

Students learn about themselves and each other by revisiting their past experiences.)

Student position example (Students begin by analyzing aspects of their own childhood educational experiences in order to gain new insights about them- selves and how their culture has molded their teaching pedagogy. This will strengthen the connections they ultimately make with their students.)


  1. Complete the Individualized Language Development Plan (ILDP) in as much detail as you can for your specific student. Use data gathered in learning activities and homework assignments to inform your work (definitions/needs, interaction observation inventory, and writing analysis.) (Copy and paste material from HW 2.3, or complete it and submit here, if possible.)
  2. Use these same learning activities and homework assignments to provide evidence as you plan for how you will meet the needs of your specific ELL in the areas of input, interaction, stages of development, errors/feedback, and types of proficiencies and types of performances.
    1. The template titled Final Project Outline will help you to see how this might be formatted.
    2. For each principle of second language acquisition (input, interaction, stages of development, errors/feedback, types of proficiencies, and types of performances) write a brief paragraph (5-7 sentences) of your specific student’s strengths and needs in the area of this principle. (You can write your own for this section, it does NOT need to come from the Critical Learning Domains.)
    3. For each principle of second language acquisition, create a bulleted list of 3-5 (20 total) strategies you can implement, with a brief explanation, to support this student in English language acquisition. (SEE the back of the CPV chart.)

Important Documents 

1. Rubric 

2. Final Project Outline  

3. Example 

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