LA 3.5 Communication, Pattern, & Variability


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Acquire and employ knowledge of language as a system and the ways in which languages are different and similar.

Assessment: 25 pts.

TA: 25 Minutes

Teachers will become familiar with the Communication, Pattern, & Variability summary chart.

Having watched a video segment discussing communication, pattern, and variability, teachers will now consider the principlesas they apply to a student.


  1. Work in teams of two or three to review the active response sheet for the video segment you watched in class. Particularly review the portions discussing communication, pattern, and variability.
  2. As a team, look at the tool titled “Second Language Acquisition: A theory of Instruction” located on the back of the Second Language Acquisition Framework. Identify teacher work in communication, pattern, and variability. Identify student work in communication, pattern, and variability.
  3. Create your own definitions of communication, pattern, and variability and why they are critical for teachers to know and understand.
  4. Consider Makoto. What might be some appropriate next steps in teacher work and student workfor her? Record your ideas on the provided form.

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