LA 8.1 Examining Displays of Professional Development

Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Employ theories of first and second language acquisition in teaching literacy.

Assessment: pts. 25 

TA: 90 Minutes 

Teachers will further expand their understanding of the principles of second language acquisition as they share their presentations with one another.  

Students have studies the principles of second language acquisition and applied them to students in their own contexts.  They are now prepared to share their learning and application of principles with one another. 



  1. As directed by the facilitator, meet in groups of four to six members. You will share the ILDP constructed by regular working group.
  2. Each person will present the IDLP constructed by their group. 
  3. The members in the group will use the evaluation work sheet to record the things they notice in the presentation about the student presented, the ideas that are relevant to second language acquisition and the strengths of the presentation. Use the worksheet linked here
  4. As each group member presents, jot down notes about how the presenter reported on communication, pattern, and variability, links to IP, SEP and other course ideas and the strengths of the presentation.  At the conclusion of each presentation, group members will share and discuss their recorded observations. 
  5. The facilitator will visit the groups to observe the presentations and discussions. 

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