Unleashing the Power of Learner Agency

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This is the third book about heutagogy or self-determined learning since its inception in 2000. Authors from thirteen different countries describe their experiences of using the approach in a variety of contexts such as art, school education, higher education, digital learning, work, green education, personal learning, online learning, elementary learning, and research education. The book is designed for the practitioner by focussing on how to apply heutagogy within their own area of interest. The context of the book is learner agency, which we think should be the guiding principle underpinning education and preparing citizens to cope with the twenty-first century. Included is a chapter providing an in-depth and updated description of the theories and practice of self-determined learning for those wanting a more thorough background.
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Author BiographiesChapter KeywordsChapter 1. The Pedagogy of Learner Agency & Chapter 2. So, You Want to Do Heutagogy: Principles and Practice & Chapter 3. Yeah, Sure! Developing My Own Learning Agency (A Craft of Learning?)Chapter 4. Learner Agency and the Learner-Centred Theories for Online Networked Learning and Learning Ecologies, , & Chapter 5. Fostering Learner Agency in a Digital Literacies Course in Egypt: Reflections on Several Iterations, , , , & Chapter 6. Conceptualising and Designing Self-Mapped Learning Pathways Courses to Encourage Learner Agency and EquityChapter 7. Supporting Learner Agency Using the Pedagogy of Choice & Chapter 8. Help Me Put on This Jetpack: Propelling Learner Agency at Learnlife Barcelona Chapter 9. Learner Agency in Distance Education Settings: Understanding Language MOOC Learners’ Heutagogical attributes & Chapter 10. Heutagogy and Work & Chapter 11. Promoting Agentic Engagement and Heutagogy in Tomer Elementary School in Beer Sheva, Israel, , , & Chapter 12. Learner Agency and Architectures of Participation, , & Chapter 13. Techniques for Self-Determined Learning in a Heterogenous ‘Classroom’Chapter 14. Heutagogy in Action: An Action Research Project in Art EducationChapter 15. Heutagogy and researcher education: Unleashing the power of the novice researcher’s agencyChapter 16. Transformative Teaching and HeutagogyChapter 17. How Can We Green Our Learning?Chapter 18. Reflections of Heutagogy and Learner Agency


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