Introduction Paragraphs

Your introduction paragraph should grab your reader's attention, introduce the topic of your essay, and present your thesis.

Grab the reader's attention and introduce the topic

The very first sentence of your introduction should get your reader interested in your topic. Don't start out too generally in your introduction paragraph. Also, don't state all of your specific main points individually in the introduction.

Focus on giving background information that your reader needs to understand the topic generally.

Present your thesis

The thesis states the main idea, or focus, of the essay. The rest of the essay will give evidence and explanations that show why or how your thesis is true.

An effective thesis—


Exercise 1: Thesis Analysis

Using the points above, decide whether or not each of the following thesis statements is effective:

  1. When facing a difficult problem, asking someone with more experience in life is the best way to solve it, and it is important to say that not just one person, but we can try to communicate with several people that have lived moments related to that one.
  2. As many other people, the pandemic has changed my life socially, mentally and academically.
  3. Studying abroad is a great opportunity to learn new things. 
  4. I agree with the idea that they presented in the question for the three following reasons: better economy, security, and better schools.

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