Fred Garnett

Fred Garnett started teaching about the social impact of technology in 1984. When the web came along, he started building web-based learning projects, becoming Head of Community Programmes at the UK Department of Education in 2000, building digital learning centres and online platforms. He was then made a Royal Society of Arts Fellow for “innovative and creative work in community learning”. In 2002, he helped build a social-network for learning which was rejected by the UK government. That team became the Learner-Generated Contexts Research Group looking at post-Web2.0 models of learning, developing the PAH continuum and embracing Heutagogy. Since 2013 he has been co-ordinating World Heutagogy Day to better understand and further disseminate the ideas. He is working on Ambient Learning Cities with Manchester, Lisboa and Timisoara. In 2020 he wrote Digital Learning: Architectures of Participation with Nigel Ecclesfield and is currently working on Heutagogy for Teachers with English schools.

Publications and Content by Fred Garnett