Darren Edgar Draper

Alpine School District

A fierce and faithful proponent of the effective use of technology in schools, Dr. Darren E. Draper is a CoSN Certified Education Technology Leader who currently serves as the Director of Innovative Learning in the Alpine School District. As the largest school district in the state of Utah, Alpine District educates over 80,000 students.

Darren is a regular presenter at ed-tech and academic conferences nationwide, and has over twenty five years of experience in the field. Most recently, his professional interests include academic coaching, personalized and competency-based education, technology-enabled professional learning in its many forms, and the academic application of social networking. He's been blogging at http://drapestak.es and chatting on Twitter for over a decade (@ddraper), and would love to connect to learn more with you!

Publications and Content by Darren Edgar Draper