Svetlana Miftahov-Rapoport

Bow Valley College

Svetlana Miftahov-Rapoport is an authentic educator and relationship builder. Her life passion is service to others. Having traveled the world extensively, Svetlana lived and worked in three different countries, which has shaped her outlook on international development and cross-cultural engagement. Thanks to her natural curiosity and enthusiasm, Svetlana worked in three main sectors: private, public, and education and she is fluent in three languages: Hebrew, Russian, and English.

 As a lifelong learner, Svetlana believes that continuing education and personal development can inspire everyone to live an enriching life. She holds a Master of Education from the University of Calgary, a double major Bachelor's degree in Communications and Management from the Open University of Israel, and a double major Diploma in Human Resources and Public Relations from Bow Valley College. These days Svetlana is working as a business Instructor at Bow Valley College and has continued to enhance her skills and abilities through ongoing professional development and community engagement.

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