María Fernández Pérez

Gettysburg College

A native Speaker from Spain, Lecturer Perez graduated from the University of Seville, Spain and continued her education in Liverpool, England, where she got a Postgraduate Certificate in Second Language Acquisition and Applied Linguistics. Professor Perez has been working in Gettysburg College as lecturer since 2017. Previously, she visited in the spring of 2001 and 2004-2005 sessions. While in Spain, she taught at IUS, a Gettysburg Program in Seville and she is also an experienced teacher of English as a Second Language. She also volunteered to teach Spanish for Immigrants at “Sevilla Acoge,” a program designed to integrate migrants into the language and culture of Spain. She was the Super-administrator at Macmillan English Campus for the Loyola Foundation, a Jesuit institution with four schools in Seville, Malaga and Palmas de Gran Canaria. At the foundation, she was responsible for training teachers, the coordination of native teacher assistants and Implementation of a new bilingual education. She also worked on Study abroad programs for PEC and TILESA and has organized different student exchange programs, with the Loyola School in New York City and other institutions in Illinois and London. In Gettysburg College she is the coordinator for the Span 100 and 200 courses and she is the director of El Centro, a community-based program that helps to tighten the links between the College and the Latinx community in Adams County.

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