Bryant Jensen

Brigham Young University

Bryant's work addresses the improvement of classroom teaching and learning for underserved children, particularly Latinos from Mexican and Central American immigrant families. He uses observational and mixed methods to address teacher learning and equity in teaching. In collaboration with colleagues, Bryant developed the Classroom Assessment of Sociocultural Interactions (CASI), a classroom observation system that measures cultural aspects of teacher-child interactions in early education and elementary classrooms. Bryant worked as a school psychologist in Phoenix, and has studied teaching and learning in different communities and school types across Mexico. Previously he was a research associate for the National Task Force on Early Education for Hispanics, a Fulbright scholar in Mexico, teacher educator in California's San Joaquin Valley, and a postdoc fellow at the University of Oregon. Bryant is a first-generation college graduate. He and his superhuman spouse Taryn are the parents of five children and live in Provo.

Publications and Content by Bryant Jensen

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