Kendyl Loar

Kendyl Loar is a senior at Brigham Young University. She is majoring in Elementary Education, with a minor in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). She will begin her formal teaching career as an intern at an elementary school in Alpine School District this fall. During the past year, she has worked as a Research and Teaching Assistant for the TELL Program. In addition, to the regular tasks of a teaching assistant she has collaborated with Stefinee Pinnegar in the design and implementation of an online version of the Integrating Content and Language Instruction course and has helped develop an online version of an adolsecent developmnt course. Through out 2018-2020, she has been an important collaborator in the design and production of the updated open access textbooks for the TELL courses utilized in professional development in the BYU/Public School Partnership. Most recently, she helped develop an open-access online version of Textiles and Tapestries: Self-Study for Envisioning New Ways of Knowing. Kendyl values her education and that of her future students. She is committed to working hard to provide each child with a quality education, because she believes they deserve nothing less.

Publications and Content by Kendyl Loar

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Textiles and Tapestries