Lisa Marie Blaschke

Lisa Marie Blaschke is program lead of the online Home Hub at Learnlife in Barcelona, Spain. Previously, she was program director of and instructor in the Master in Management of Technology Enhanced Learning at the University of Oldenburg, Germany, as well as a senior researcher at DHBW in Heilbronn. She is a former executive committee member of the European Distance Education and E-Learning Network (EDEN) and is a Senior EDEN Fellow. Lisa has a BS in Technical Communication, and two master’s degrees (MDE, MBA), and a PhD in Education. Prior to academia, Lisa worked for SAP in Walldorf, Germany, leading and implementing enterprise-wide knowledge management and training processes and solutions. Lisa’s research interests are in the areas of self-determined learning (heutagogy), online collaborative learning, and the pedagogical application of web 2.0 technology and social media.

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