Edy Kupietzky

Edy Hanus Kupietzky, DrPH, MPH, LMSW is currently a clinical consultant assisting hospitals and other providers with strategies to impact employee retention, reduce burnout and improve overall employee health. Dr. Kupietzky has over twenty years of public health and medical research experience. Her focus areas include pediatric oncology, childhood cancer survivorship, asthma, and health education. She implemented interventions, research designs and assessed the psychosocial needs of patients throughout her various positions. Edy maintains her passion for public health by serving on advisory boards for health related non-for profits.

She earned her Doctor of Public Health and Master of Public Health from Columbia University, where she concentrated in sociomedical sciences, health promotion and disease prevention. She received a MS in Social Work from Columbia School of Social Work in Advanced Clinical Practice with a concentration in health, mental health, and disabilities. Edy earned her BA from Barnard College with a major in Urban Affairs and Public Health.

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